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10 Nov

The best hospitality kitchen equipment suppliers Sunshine Coast

Whatever kitchen equipment you want, whenever you need it! Connoisseur has the experience and expertise to help you.  Connoisseur is one of Australia’s leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of professional food service solutions, supporting in particular the catering, healthcare, mining and hospitality sectors. Whether you need new cold storage fridges, frozen storage with freezers.

28 Oct

Ways to make your Sunshine Coast Restaurant or Cafe more profitable

Looking for ways to make more money in the restaurant business? Check out these tips and recommendations to cut costs, bring in more business and make your restaurant more money. Part of what makes restaurant work so stressful is the sheer amount of work it takes to make a profit. It takes s village to

15 Oct

The Importance of Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Most commercial kitchens are packed with different kinds of equipment and supplies. From the ovens to the fryers, every appliance plays a vital part in the operation of a restaurant. If a single piece fails, it can halt your staff’s ability to make quality food. Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance should keep your appliances in the

Sensor Ultra by Sammic

21 Aug

Featured Product: SmartVacuum by Sammic

Sensor Ultra by Sammic has been developed by Sammic to respond to the specific requirements of each user. The range, developed in collaboration with a team of highly experienced chefs, has been designed in accordance with the most exigent quality standards. Equipped with a high precision sensor and Busch pumps, leaders on the market, all

13 Aug

Millennial Combi Oven – Featured Product

Minimal and elegant design for a professional oven that combines functionality and technological innovations. It’s not always about the way it looks but it helps when it’s both functional and good looking. The Millennial Combi Oven by Tecnoeka looks sleek, elegant and has the feel of an Italian super car. Well it is made in

19 May

Sunshine Coast Hospitality Fitout Ideas

Sunshine Coast Hospitality Fitout Specialists There are so many different ideas for restaurant and café fitouts for across the Sunshine Coast that it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Every year, new cafe / restaurant ideas and designs seem to rear their head, making the design process hard work and confusing

17 Apr

What is commercial kitchen design?

Commercial Kitchen Design – What is it? This is a common question and is often mis understood by what’s included and what isn’t included. Essentially its the location of the cooking equipment being 100% vital to a smooth of your commercial kitchen operation. Service: Efficient kitchen design means front-of-house staff have clear, rapid and safe access to

21 Jan

The higher cost of not maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment

The higher cost of not maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment We know that time is a valuable commodity and having equipment out of action can be costly, especially in a commercial kitchen environment. Our priority is minimising downtime so you can be back to full speed as soon as possible. We will develop a comprehensive maintenance

15 Jan

Why commercial kitchen design is so important

A great kitchen means great food and grateful chefs Our specialist team of commercial kitchen designers use the latest 3D CAD design to create bespoke, functional and cost effective kitchen spaces across the Sunshine Coast, and beyond.  Here are a number of steps we take in our process of designing functional profitable commercial kitchen. 1.

05 Dec

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Emergency Breakdown Service

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Emergency Breakdown Service One of the biggest fears and rightfully so is equipment failure. This can happen at the busiest of times and means instant revenue loss. Wether equipment failure happens for an hour , a day or worse the impact it can have across your business can be monumental. Kitchen Equipment