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The real cost of unreliable equipment

13 Jun

The real cost of unreliable equipment — it’s more than you think

If you can’t count on your equipment to work when production is scheduled, it’s unreliable. In the hospitality industry, unreliable equipment has a greater cost than just monetary: it can affect workers, customer relationships, brand reputation and beyond. So before you make any cuts to your maintenance budget or delay on replacing failing equipment, take

kitchen equipment servicing sunshine coast

05 Jun

How to avoid unreliability with your kitchen equipment?

HOW TO AVOID UNRELIABILITY Preventive or planned routine maintenance is non-negotiable. The primary objective is to maximise your equipment’s performance by keeping it running safely for as long as possible, without unplanned and costly failures. It involves basic maintenance tasks that can be performed by operators, as well as routine inspections, services and tests by a local

hospitality project management

16 Apr

Commercial Project Management – Hospitality

Connoisseur Food Equipment Services has the capabilities to project manage your hospitality project development from inception to completion. Our flexible approach means we can provide you the full project management services from start to finish. Connoisseur has a strong Hospitality Project Management division that includes highly skilled Project Managers, Coordinators and Assistants who work together seamlessly

catering equipment sunshine coast

07 Apr

Catering Equipment Or Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Catering Equipment or Commercial Kitchen Equipment? It often commonly termed either of the above terminology and often people confuse the two.  Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we specialize in the design of commercial kitchens for the food service industry. Whether you are planning a new build or refurbishing an existing area, our professional designers will

metal fabrication sunshine coast

26 Mar

Hospitality Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. It is a value added process that involves the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we specialize in metal fab for the hospitality industry. Metal Fabrication Sunshine Coast Metal fabrication is

01 Mar

Catering Equipment Specialists Sunshine Coast

Catering equipment is such a broad category of equipment and is often mistaken for hospitality (commercial kitchen equipment). We thought it would be great to write a small article essentially for those searching for hospitality kitchen equipment but searching for catering equipment. Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we’re a full service hospitality company servicing

hospitality fitout sunshine coast

20 Feb

Hospitality Fitout – Things to ask

One of the most important aspects when fitting out or building a new cafe / restaurant / bar on the Sunshine Coast is fitout. Often people are excited about opening and owning their own venue, they overlook the importance of fitout. Below we’ll try and highlight the important of what fitout actually means and it’s

true cost of cheap commercial kitchen equipment

14 Feb

The simple cost of cheap commercial food equipment

In today’s article we could write for days about the horror stories we’ve experienced over the years with cheap commercial food equipment. We won’t bore you with those (unless you want us too) so we figured we’d keep this article short and to the point. You know the ole saying that if somethings to good

know your restaurant customers

20 Jan

Understanding customer acquisition in the food business

Trying to understand customer acquisition in any business is probably the biggest challange you can solve. Once you understand how to acquire customers you are able to scale that process and drive real growth. In the hospitality industry this is even harder with the introduction of the ‘mobile food revolution’ that seems to be hitting

food equipment repairs sunshine coast

10 Jan

Food Equipment Repairs Sunshine Coast

Running a cafe or restaurant is tough enough, let alone the stress when your equipment breaks. Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we have over 30 years experience working in the hospitality industry. This gives us experience and understanding at just how tough it can be. What is the best advice to minimise the cost