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food equipment repairs sunshine coast

Running a cafe or restaurant is tough enough, let alone the stress when your equipment breaks. Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we have over 30 years experience working in the hospitality industry. This gives us experience and understanding at just how tough it can be.

What is the best advice to minimise the cost in food equipment breakdowns?

The best answer to this question is always prevention. You can never have faultless equipment as things sometimes go wrong, however the best way to ensure you get maximum lifespan from your equipment is to look after it and get it serviced regularly. This way issues, faults and potential breakdowns may be able to be addressed before a breakdown occurs.


What to do in the event our equipment stops working?

There is several things you can do yourself to find a possible fault. Such as power source, or blockages. (Always be careful and use utmost cation if opening up commercial equipment as this can be dangerous and often only recommended by professionals). If the equipment is under warranty the first call is to your supplier and see what sort of emergency assistance is available. If your equipment is out of warranty, we offer a 24/7 onsite emergency breakdown and repair service.


How can we organize a repair or servicing for our equipment?

You can give us a call on 07 5476 8466 or contact us here to arrange a repair or service to your food kitchen equipment.



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