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Preventive or planned routine maintenance is non-negotiable. The primary objective is to maximise your equipment’s performance by keeping it running safely for as long as possible, without unplanned and costly failures. It involves basic maintenance tasks that can be performed by operators, as well as routine inspections, services and tests by a local experienced team such as Connoisseur Food Equipment Services.

Preventative maintenance also detects whether equipment is about to fail so you can schedule corrective maintenance repairs in time. We provide preventative maintenance services to help you get the most from your hospitality kitchen equipment. 

Operator training is also critical. There are certain tasks your staff can do to ensure your equipment runs to its best, however, this requires the right training so staff know how to conduct the maintenance properly. For example, there might be multiple steps involved or you might have new staff members who have never performed maintenance before. Providers such as Connoissuer Food Equipment Services can help with ongoing training for your staff.

Do consider the spare parts you need access to. Many breakdowns require a part or module replacement; Here at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services we carry a large range of spare parts in stock for most of the common brands. This means you’re back up and running in the shortest time possible. 

Finally, evaluate if you need to upgrade the equipment. If the cost of maintenance is high, consider a swap to newer better technology. There are trade out deals and rental or lease options that you can take advantage of.

If you have older equipment that you’d love to upgrade, give Matt at Connoisseur Food Equipment Services a call today on 07 5476 8466 or email equipment@connoissuerqld.com.

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