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The Sunshine Coast, the vibrant section of South East Queensland, is renowned for its great beaches, diverse culture, and dynamic culinary scene. If you’re dreaming of opening your own restaurant in London, you’re in for an exciting journey – but one with its fair share of challenges. 

What culinary delights will you offer? Are you aiming to be celebrated for locally sourced ingredients? Or perhaps for allowing diners to customise their pizzas? Maybe your goal is to be acclaimed for the Sunny Coast’s finest seafood. Without an elaborate and carefully constructed business plan, your Sunshine Coast restaurant dream will be hard to achieve. A good business plan acts as a comprehensive blueprint detailing how your venture will materialise and operate upon opening.

Noosa commercial catering equipment

What Food Should You Serve If Opening a Restaurant?

Like any creative project (from writing a book to opening a restaurant), artistic decisions are often a combination of instinct and examining the market. For the most part, you should follow your passion. The food you love to make will be the food that people love to eat. And your enthusiasm will become expertise in time.

Watch out for Crowded Markets

If the market is saturated, especially in the area where you want to open the restaurant, you should strive to make it special and distinctive. Or offer something that uses some of the same ingredients and appeal, but in a relatively fresh setting; Cuban food instead of Mexican, for example; or stews instead of soups.

Examine the Competition

You might think you can make certain cuisine better than a local restaurant – and there’s every chance you can. But it’s also wise to be aware that the more established restaurant has built up a customer base and a formula that works for them – even if you might not approve of their menu or serving style!

How can we help? 

Do you have a venue picked out? Perhaps you need assistance with layout planning? What about commercial hospitality kitchen equipment (Catering equipment)? We have a good stock level of items in our showroom including a good range of commercial ovens, cooktops, grills, refrigeration and more. But we have a HUGE range we can order in for you and we are qualified SilverChef partners which means you can launch with the equipment you need and break the capital costings down to spend on renovation and fitout. 

The best way to contact us here on the Sunshine Coast is via phone 07 5476 8466 or you can submit an online enquiry here

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