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reduce commercial kitchen equipment costs sunshine coast

An American study on the 2 million-plus multi-site US businesses that need repair and maintenance work revealed that they spend US$100 billion annually. What’s worse is that $20 billion of that is unnecessary. That’s 20% of the total spend down the drain, wasted unnecessarily.

We’re not aware of any such study in Australia, but we imagine that Australian eateries must spend a proportionally similar amount to their American counterparts. Wouldn’t you like to get back your share of all that wasted money?

Regularly Check Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Standard business equipment and décor such as light fixtures, floors, ceilings, and HVAC units require repair and maintenance, some more often than the others.

However, the more important equipment to check is the vital commercial kitchen equipment. Every experienced restauranteur knows that walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and ovens must be consistently maintained to be fully functional.

Choose More Sustainable Equipment

Most modern appliances use technology that is focused on improving their efficiency and reducing their energy consumption without affecting performance. 

Here is some advice to help your Sunshine Coast restaurant become more cost-effective with its energy use.

1. Use energy-efficient lighting – LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes provide the same amount of light compared to compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs for much less power.
2. Don’t need lights yet? Keep them off – Try intelligent lighting that turns off when its area doesn’t need artificial lighting.
3. Use a wood-burning stove or oven – Electronic and gas stoves use a lot of energy, especially when it’s cold. The classic wood-burning oven not only gives your restaurant a more rustic feel perfect for pizzas and slow-cooking meats, it saves a lot of power (although the wood smoke is a pollutant).
4. Drinks don’t need to be frozen – Set your refrigerator at a temperature that only cools drinks to the optimal drinking temperature, instead of freezing them.

5. Turn down the thermostat – Turning your thermostat down a degree or two makes a huge difference in energy costs over time.
6. Update your fridges – New refrigerator cooling technology is far more cost-effective and efficient than older models. Maintain them well and they will save you money in the long run

If you’re interested in reducing your commercial kitchen equipment maintenance cost we can help

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