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Thinking about launching a new Restaurant or café on the Sunshine Coast in 2023? 

The restaurant industry is changing across the Sunshine Coast. While this spells good news for successful owners, it can give newbies such as yourself, more competition than you may be ready to face. Almost every street has bars, fast food restaurants, cafes and pubs that offer everything from traditional Australian cuisine to Spanish, Italian and Indian cuisine. As such, the demand for diverse menus has increased exponentially in our fabulous location. However, this does not mean that your establishment cannot be just as successful if not more as the existing ones. This article covers a list of things that restaurant owners must consider before opening a restaurant business on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

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You Need To Register And Receive Approval

Like any business in Australia, you need to acquire a license in order to open a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast. There are two that you need to get in order to legitimise your business as one that sells foo:

The first one is a food business registration license which covers all food-based operations in your establishment. It will cover cooking, storage of Food (Heated and refrigeration), selling and the distribution of food in your restaurant. You cannot open any eating establishment without this license whether your business is home-based, a mobile van, a market stall or has its own location.

The second license you need to get is basically a food business approval which you can get from the Sunshine Coast local council. It is necessary for any restaurant or business that sells fish, meat, egg or dairy products. If you already have one for an existing restaurant you own, you may not have to apply again. But, it is always best to be safe than sorry.


You Cannot Sell Alcohol Without A Liquor License

If you are opening a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast that does not serve alcohol, you will not need to get an liquor license. If you do sell it on the premises, you have to apply for a premise license. This will cover alcohol sales as well as hot food and drinks that are sold between 11 pm and 5 am.


Connoisseur Food Equipment Services has over 30 years experience to draw on, so you can rely on our team to deliver the ideas and innovations you will need to make your kitchen the most efficient and effective it can be. Our vision is to work closely with our customers as a partner you can trust with the development of one of your most important assets – your food.

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