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Sunshine Coast Hospitality Fitout Specialists

There are so many different ideas for restaurant and café fitouts for across the Sunshine Coast that it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Every year, new cafe / restaurant ideas and designs seem to rear their head, making the design process hard work and confusing for many business owners. 

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What’s more important? Design or functionality? 

As we all know, quality hospitality fitout is not cheap, so it is important that you spend your money on a fashionable and trendy interior design that will appeal to your customers. The most important bottom line here is that customers feel welcome, they feel comfortable and most most importantly they open their wallets and spend. In terms of which is more important they both are. It’s critical to find the perfect balance in your new cafe / restaurant between design that speaks to your intended customer, and functionality that leaves people feeling relaxed, comfortable and ‘at home’.

It is important with hospitality fit-out and design that you match the aesthetics with your price point and dining style. You cannot have casual dinning style with a top tier price menu. Neither do you need to spend a fortune on high end finishes when you offer a faster sit down style casual menu. 

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