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Looking for ways to make more money in the restaurant business? Check out these tips and recommendations to cut costs, bring in more business and make your restaurant more money.

Sunshine Coast Restaurant profitability increase 2019

Part of what makes restaurant work so stressful is the sheer amount of work it takes to make a profit. It takes s village to make sure the food ordering, prep work, and execution go off without a hitch on any given day. All for most restaurants to make a profit margin of between just 6 and 22%.

1. Reduce Food Costs

It makes sense that the cost of food is a big deal for restaurants. Mistakes, comps, and theft can take a huge bite out your profit margins if left to get out of control. Curb this by working with your food supplier to find similar products for cheaper on high-cost menu items (and don’t forget the cleaning supplies and other non-perishables).

2. Train your staff on how to upsell

Servers, bartenders and front-of-house staff should be well versed in your menu and know how to sell up. Fast food restaurants do this well by always asking if you’d like to buy a larger french fry or drink for a small amount more.

At seated restaurants, your staff should always be trained on how to entice customers with appetizers, desserts, specials, drink, and top-shelf liquors.

2. Reordering and efficient inventory management

Be sure you’ve implemented a cloud baed hospitality focussed POS. Use your POS to your advantage. If you have 3 items that sell like crazy, find out why. Put similar or complementary items on the menu. You can also see what items are frequently bought together and teach your staff how to upsell to people the right way.


Here at Connoisseur we work with hospitality owners every day and have learned alot about kitchen planning, layout optimisation and overall operating of restaurants and cafes across Queensland. 

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