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christmas food trends sunshine coast 2019

Christmas is without a doubt the biggest inspiration for massive spending out of all of the food-loving holidays. With billions spent every year, the Australian food market has shown no signs of slowing down.

christmas food trends 2019

From the turkey to the Christmas pudding and everything in-between, this is the best Christmas food and drink you can serve up this festive season on the Sunshine Coast.

Mince Pies – Some people believe that Christmas doesn’t really begin until you bite into your first mince pie. 

  • Meat Free – Veganism is no longer reserved for 30-something hipsters.
  • Rum – Rum is the next big thing in the world of alcoholic drinks, especially small-batch craft rums and those made on home soil.
  • Low or no alcohol – 
  • Afro-Caribbean Flavours – Afro-Caribbean cuisine is one of the hottest cuisines right now. With its rich and vibrant flavours and subtle use of chilli, it appeals to many. Expect to see more exotic fruit, such as guava, passion fruit and dragon fruit, but also more unusual dishes such as cuttlefish and shrimp paste.
  • Healthy fats – Forget the low-fat foods that have been trendy for decades, fats are officially ‘in’ again. But don’t expect goose fat on your roasties. It’s the super-healthy coconut oil (flavoured or non-flavoured) where it’s at, alleviating you of any fatty food-filled Christmas guilt.


Those are just some of the trends happening in Food this Christmas. 



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